5 Top Tips to RESET your Career

The Art of Negotiating your Career Transitions, Big and Small

Hello and welcome to Career Tips! In this edition, a bit of an original offering: an hour-long webinar on career transition! Wow!career transition

I designed this workshop for everyone currently thinking of changing jobs, whether the change means just a progression within your current employer or involves a switch to a new industry. Indeed, the webinar considers all forms of career transitions, whether they stem from a risk of redundancy, a natural process of internal evolution within your current company or that vague, and at first clearly unhelpful, sense that it’s time to think about what next.
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3 Steps to an Eye-Catching Cover Letter

The 1-2-3 of Effective Cover Letter Writing

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Welcome to this article on how to write an eye-catching cover letter. It follows on last month’s offering in which I shared my top 5 tips to help cover letteryou produce a CV which would get you noticed by its reader and get you that interview you deserve. If you missed it, just click here to catch it up.

In this article, I will focus on the top 3 ingredients you need to put in your cover letter. But first, let’s remind ourselves about what a cover letter is and what role it plays. Well, a cover letter is a concise letter – no more than a single page with plenty of space on the sides, top and bottom filled with 3-5 paragraphs which, in turn, do not each exceed 4 lines of text to keep that airy feel – that you send together with your CV when applying for a job. If it’s well done, it will help your CV get noticed by creating a good impression and generating interest for your professional achievements.
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