5 Top Tips to RESET your Career

The Art of Negotiating your Career Transitions, Big and Small

Hello and welcome to Career Tips! In this edition, a bit of an original offering: an hour-long webinar on career transition! Wow!career transition

I designed this workshop for everyone currently thinking of changing jobs, whether the change means just a progression within your current employer or involves a switch to a new industry. Indeed, the webinar considers all forms of career transitions, whether they stem from a risk of redundancy, a natural process of internal evolution within your current company or that vague, and at first clearly unhelpful, sense that it’s time to think about what next.
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Top 5 Tips to Making an Impact with your CV

The Noteworthy CV: A Preview of Coming Attractions

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Hello! So how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? I’m asking because most of us make some every January. For that reason, I had dedicated my first article to picking the right kind of New Year’s resolutions for you in 2013 so you stood a greater chance of keeping to them. If you missed it, just click here to catch it up.

   Curriculum Vitae   What I’d like to ask you now is: when you were pondering your New Year’s resolutions, did you take some time to honestly reflect on your job satisfaction? If so and if you are happy where you are, then you might want to make a note of this article for future reference. But if not, then read on. In this and upcoming articles, I will be looking at CV writing, cover letter composition and interview preparation. In this article, I thought I would share my top 5 tips so you produce a CV which will catch the eye of its readers and get you that interview you deserve.

Before I start, let me set the scene for you: in my experience, people hire folks who they can envision collaborating with as well as having a chat with by the coffee machine. How you present yourself professionally — whether in your CV, cover letter or during the interview – must be about demonstrating your competences as well as your ability to fit in and get along well.

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