Paying attention and happiness (part 4) – active listening

Hello and welcome to this month’s neuro blog! Last month, we discussed other-awareness and landed on the notion that disagreement – about beliefs, values and behaviours – is more likely to be the norm. I advocated tolerance but also proposed that you put on a metaphorical Detective Columbo’s raincoat (no need for the cigar nor the dishevelled look) and go look for the other’s person’s inner landscape, asking open questions to give them the freedom to respond as they wish, and thereby letting a new reality emerge – theirs. [Read more…]

The 3 Main Ingredients of Effective Listening

Knowing how to Listen is Key to Gaining Influence in the Workplace

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In this article, I thought I would discuss 3 core principles for effective listening.

But first, let’s answer this: why bother listening?

1. When you listen, you learn.

If you assume you know best, what risk are you taking? If you take the time to ask others for their views, you may gain new and material information which could make a difference and foster a better solution. Moreover, "you save tremendous amounts of time, energy and money when you tap into the human resources of a business" as noted by the famous author Stephen Covey in his bestseller "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People".
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