The 3 Fundamental Do’s of Successful Delegation

Finally Being Able to Effectively Delegate!

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In this article, I am turning my attention to the art of delegation.

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Have you been told by your manager that you should delegate more? Has anyone said of you that you micro-manage? Do you know that you don’t easily entrust tasks to others in your team?

If you don’t delegate as well as you could, what impact does that have? Grumbling employees? Long hours at the office, away from your family and friends? A sense of overwhelm?

Well, if you’ve been wondering about how to delegate better, if you’ve been trying to delegate more but find this challenging, this article is for you because, in a minute, I will share with you a simple but fundamental process of delegation. In addition to optimising your chances of receiving good quality work, this thorough process will alleviate the concerns of even the most sceptical would-be delegator.

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