Top 5 Tips to a Memorable Profile on LinkedIn

Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

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Hello and welcome to the first of two articles concerning LinkedIn. I decided to make LinkedIn the subject of two dedicated tutorials because I found it comes back in conversation. Folks ask about what to put in their profile, who to connect with, or what the point of groups is. I propose to address these questions in two parts. In the first part, in this article, we will look at how to build a good LinkedIn profile – in contrast to many profiles on LinkedIn LinkedIn puzzlewhose quality is poor and therefore give a bad impression of the profile owner. Next, we will look at how to leverage your LinkedIn presence, such as who to connect with and what groups to become a part of.

I think it is fair to say that LinkedIn has become the so-called "go-to" site for looking up people’s professional profile. Insofar as you are a professional and LinkedIn is the premier social media site for employers and recruiters, my personal view is that it is no longer possible NOT to have a presence on LinkedIn. Even if you are not very active on LinkedIn, let me recommend you at least be present and can be found on LinkedIn. Like keeping your CV current, being on LinkedIn is good professional housekeeping. But if you decide to be present, then it is important that your profile be of good quality, lest it backfire and negatively affect your professional image. Recent research reveals what elements are important to headhunters and employers reviewing LinkedIn profiles: [Read more…]

3 Steps to an Eye-Catching Cover Letter

The 1-2-3 of Effective Cover Letter Writing

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Welcome to this article on how to write an eye-catching cover letter. It follows on last month’s offering in which I shared my top 5 tips to help cover letteryou produce a CV which would get you noticed by its reader and get you that interview you deserve. If you missed it, just click here to catch it up.

In this article, I will focus on the top 3 ingredients you need to put in your cover letter. But first, let’s remind ourselves about what a cover letter is and what role it plays. Well, a cover letter is a concise letter – no more than a single page with plenty of space on the sides, top and bottom filled with 3-5 paragraphs which, in turn, do not each exceed 4 lines of text to keep that airy feel – that you send together with your CV when applying for a job. If it’s well done, it will help your CV get noticed by creating a good impression and generating interest for your professional achievements.
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Top 5 Tips to Making an Impact with your CV

The Noteworthy CV: A Preview of Coming Attractions

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Hello! So how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions for 2013? I’m asking because most of us make some every January. For that reason, I had dedicated my first article to picking the right kind of New Year’s resolutions for you in 2013 so you stood a greater chance of keeping to them. If you missed it, just click here to catch it up.

   Curriculum Vitae   What I’d like to ask you now is: when you were pondering your New Year’s resolutions, did you take some time to honestly reflect on your job satisfaction? If so and if you are happy where you are, then you might want to make a note of this article for future reference. But if not, then read on. In this and upcoming articles, I will be looking at CV writing, cover letter composition and interview preparation. In this article, I thought I would share my top 5 tips so you produce a CV which will catch the eye of its readers and get you that interview you deserve.

Before I start, let me set the scene for you: in my experience, people hire folks who they can envision collaborating with as well as having a chat with by the coffee machine. How you present yourself professionally — whether in your CV, cover letter or during the interview – must be about demonstrating your competences as well as your ability to fit in and get along well.

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The Top 3 Tips to Showcase your Value

The Art of "Ethical Bragging"

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In this third and last article on feedback, let me shift my perspective from the manager’s and how to give helpful feedback to the recipient and how to receive feedback constructively as well as make sure that your accomplishments are properly appreciated and therefore rewarded. In order to ensure your achievements are known and valued, practice the art of "ethical bragging": put yourself forward without arrogance. Here’s how:

Tip #1: be specific too

For those among you who saw my article back in September on performing a self-assessment of your performance, you may recall that I encouraged you to first make a list all the tasks you had completed and then, in a second step, to review each by asking yourself "so what". The purpose of the "so what" question is to bring to light the benefits for your employer of what you accomplished.

(For more on performance self-assessment, click here).

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Career Acceleration in Times of Challenge

Interview with Rob Brown, Founder of Business Building for Bankers

I am delighted to share with you the interview which I recorded with Rob Brown of Business Building for Bankers. Rob helps banking professionals increase their influence and win more business. One of the ways Rob does that is by making available to them a vast array of wonderful resources, among which a panel of banking experts offering advice on a large range of issues.

You can listen to the audio recording by clickling on the link just below:

Career Acceleration in Times of Challenge

In the interview, I share with Rob my take on the current state of the banking industry and what this means for ambitious financial sector professionals keen to progress their career. We discuss how much more challenging the present circumstances, the pressure on costs and headcount, are making  moving one’s career forward even if you work very hard.

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Stretch to Impress!

End the Year on a High Note by Delivering on a Stretch Objective!

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In my last post, I recommended you proactively take stock of where you are at with respect to your work objectives for 2011. Even if you had a midyear performance review, I hope you gave the ‘3 list’ method a go. Not only will it serve you well when the annual performance appraisal process kicks off in a few weeks but being clear today about where you at with respect to your 2011 objectives will make it possible for you to precisely focus your energy for the last 3 months of the year.

If you missed my article on the ‘3 list’ approach to work performance self-assessment, you can see it here.

Now you’re got your three lists, there are two main scenarios:

  1. You’re doing well. In this article, we’ll work on this assumption and look at making use of your restored energy to lift the bar a bit higher and thus end this year with a flourish!
  2. It’s clear that you won’t be meeting all your objectives for 2011. This delicate situation will be the topic of next month’s series so you can still have a decent yearend evaluation.

If you’re doing well with respect to meeting your 2011 objectives, this quarter could simply be about making sure that you steadily complete all outstanding tasks by their due dates. While you should clearly do this at a minimum, it is possible that you may also have the opportunity to raise the bar and exceed your objectives. You could set yourself one or more stretch objective. [Read more…]