Two Persuasion Techniques in Action

Getting under Someone Else’s Skin

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How did you find using "SWAY"©? For those readers who may have missed the article on this model of persuasion, a very brief recap:

  1. ‘S’ is for ‘Significance‘ where you investigate the interest and need of your audience – whether it’s one individual or several people – around the matter you want to influence them over. The challenge there is to ask the right questions to open them up.
  2. ‘W’ is for ‘Way of being‘ where you decode your audience’s way of functioning, how they behave, what kind of personality they are. Here it’s about really listening to the words people use and not assuming that we are all the same even if we use the same words.
  3. ‘A’ is for ‘Adapt‘ because, once you know what your target audience is interested in and how they function, you need to adapt your communication to match their need and style. The challenge in this stage is to get your mind to shift enough that you can effectively do that.
  4. Finally, ‘Y’ is for ‘get readY‘ (so you see how creative I can be!). This final stage covers a number of activities to finely hone your message once you know how to pitch it. The challenge here is to cover all bases in order to come out with a very sleek communication.

For more on "SWAY"©, go to the dedicated video and article by clicking here.

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Four Steps to Influence People

Persuasion Tools

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As promised last month, in this article on how to influence others, I’m going to show you the core elements of a persuasion strategy. I will share with you a four-step model called "SWAY"©. I have called it "SWAY"© because when you have good persuasion skills, you will be able to sway people’s opinion in your direction! You will be able to do that because you will first figure your audience out and then be able to give them what they want. [Read more…]

Are You Good at Influencing People?

Being Able to Persuade Others is Key to Your Success at Work

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Hello and welcome to the first of three posts on the topic of how to influence people. In this article, I will examine what happens when we try to influence people without the right tools. I will also give you my recipe for successful persuasion. In next month’s post, I will show you the core elements of a persuasion strategy. Those of you familiar with my work know that I like to provide models for people to use so this is another one.

Finally, in a third article, I will pick two themes from that model and show you why they’re important and the difference between getting it right and… well, botching it, frankly. So by the time we’re done with this influencing series, you will understand the fundamental principles of good influencing, know the core elements of a persuasion strategy and will have been given two techniques to immediately test out in the real world.

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Tips for Clarifying and Conveying your Personal Brand

Building your own Personal Brand

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 Hello and welcome to this article on the subject of your brand. In what follows, we look at, first, what is a personal brand, how to be clear about what you want your brand to be and, finally, how to communicate your brand.

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The 3 Main Ingredients of Effective Listening

Knowing how to Listen is Key to Gaining Influence in the Workplace

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In this article, I thought I would discuss 3 core principles for effective listening.

But first, let’s answer this: why bother listening?

1. When you listen, you learn.

If you assume you know best, what risk are you taking? If you take the time to ask others for their views, you may gain new and material information which could make a difference and foster a better solution. Moreover, "you save tremendous amounts of time, energy and money when you tap into the human resources of a business" as noted by the famous author Stephen Covey in his bestseller "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People".
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