Top 5 Tips to a Memorable Profile on LinkedIn

Getting Noticed on LinkedIn

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Hello and welcome to the first of two articles concerning LinkedIn. I decided to make LinkedIn the subject of two dedicated tutorials because I found it comes back in conversation. Folks ask about what to put in their profile, who to connect with, or what the point of groups is. I propose to address these questions in two parts. In the first part, in this article, we will look at how to build a good LinkedIn profile – in contrast to many profiles on LinkedIn LinkedIn puzzlewhose quality is poor and therefore give a bad impression of the profile owner. Next, we will look at how to leverage your LinkedIn presence, such as who to connect with and what groups to become a part of.

I think it is fair to say that LinkedIn has become the so-called "go-to" site for looking up people’s professional profile. Insofar as you are a professional and LinkedIn is the premier social media site for employers and recruiters, my personal view is that it is no longer possible NOT to have a presence on LinkedIn. Even if you are not very active on LinkedIn, let me recommend you at least be present and can be found on LinkedIn. Like keeping your CV current, being on LinkedIn is good professional housekeeping. But if you decide to be present, then it is important that your profile be of good quality, lest it backfire and negatively affect your professional image. Recent research reveals what elements are important to headhunters and employers reviewing LinkedIn profiles: [Read more…]